Brose 1.3 Drive T and Drive S Torque Sensor and Sprag Bearing Change

Chain sprocket shaft with integrated torque sensor

Sprag bearing
PLB20126 connects belt pulley to chain sprocket shaft 35x43x11mm
PLB20127 connects crankshaft to chain sprocket shaft 40x48x11mm

1. Remove motor, unscrew the belt tensioner screw (3mm Hex) and open the case on the right side:

2. Remove the belt, then the crankshaft with a plastic mallet (shown at the beginning oft the vid):

3. Here you see the torque sensor coil. If you want to change it just pull it out:

To replace the torque sensor and/or the sprag bearings you have to remove the bearing with a bearing puller:

Crankshaft with sprag bearing:

Here you can see the sprags and the broken bearing cage (black pins):

In this youtube vid you can see how to change the sprag bearing on the belt pulley (removal at 9:55 / reassembly at 17:50):
Do not press the bearing all the way down, it's only 17mm from the top:

at 23:22 you can see the reassembly of the belt pulley and the bearing. The bearing has to be secured with a center punch.
Later on the reassembling of the belt is shown. The belt tensioner has to be screwed in with a 0.2Nm torque Wrench.