2021 Fox Rhythm 36 - GRIP

base valve assembly

the LSC (Low speed compression) is usually controlled with a bypass orifice. Not at the GRIP Damper. The LSC here is a variable float at the shim stack. Due to this the setting range is not very linear. The first 15 degrees (the Rhythm GRIP has no "Clicks") make it noticable softer, the last 15 degrees don't do much.

The stock fork is quite harsh, so I did a few modifications

I don't need a lock out, so I added 3 bypass/bleed channels to the rebound check valve plate

I removed one of the 4 compression shims

Cartridge is filled with Motorex 2.5

Lower legs:
air side: 10cc Motor oil
damping side 40cc Motorex 2.5

Now it's noticeably plusher if you open the compression lever a few degrees.